TYS Survey

Your assessment of how the Tennessee Youth Symphony conducted its mission this year is important and helps the TYS Board of Directors and Musical Directors adjust the shape of the programs, offerings, and communications for the following year.

Please take a few minutes to provide your opinion of this year’s TYS activities and administration.

Thank you!

Parent Survey

  • How would you rate the audition process?
    Audition venue
    Audition communication
    Audition times
  • How would you rate the communication with TYS board members and conductors?
    Web site ease of use
    Web site information
    Communication clarity & frequency
    Email communication method
    Communication with/from Conductors
    Accessibility to board members
    Communication about fundraising options
  • How would you rate the student's musical experience with TYS?
    Performance opportunities
    Growth & learning
    Rehearsal experience
    Sectional experience
    Guest sectional instructors
    Conductors ability to interact with the students
    Conductors accessibility to students and parents
    Number of performances
    Level of music difficulty
    Variety of music
    Amount of music
  • How much value for the money have you received from your TYS experience?
  • Knowing that TYS is a non-profit and led by a volunteer board and that your student's tuition covers only about 65% of TYS overall expenses, would you consider the following:
    Definitely; I would love to help TYS in this wayMaybeNo, I would NOT participate in this way
    Make a financial donation to TYS
    Ask your company to make a corporate donation to TYS
    Help with the planning and execution of TYS by being a board member
    Help TYS by volunteering to head an area of need, but without being a board member
    Participate in a fundraiser such as candle sales, wrapping paper, etc.
    Participate in an auction fundraiser
    Participate in a "Go-fund-me" type fundraiser, soliciting donation from friends and family
  • What was your interest/participation in the TYS fundraising options? (Please answer as many answers as appropriate.)
    We participated and will do so againWe participated but will NOT do so againWe did not participate but will do so next yearWe did not participate and will NOT participate next yearWe were unaware of this fundraising opportunity
    Kroger Plus Card
    Amazon Smile
    Financial Donation
    Memorial/Honorary Donation
    In-Kind Donation
  • Check all groups in which the student participates and how many years the student has been with TYS.
  • How strongly would you recommend TYS to other families and will the student be returning to TYS?

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