If you have not yet completed the following items, please do so either online or by downloading the docs and bringing them to the next rehearsal.

1. Pay for tuition, fees, and any TYS Shop purchases​. ​
– Please complete the online form. Once complete you may pay online or bring a check to the parent meeting or first rehearsal.
– Please use the “​Request for Tuition Assistance”​ form to apply for a needs based tuition scholarship. ​
2. Complete Volunteer Opportunities form​. ​
– Please select your snack option as well as one additional opportunity.
3. Complete Demographics Survey​. ​
– This survey is anonymous and you can choose not to answer any/all of the questions. The completion of this survey assists us when applying for grants.
4. Vote on the Board Members​. ​
– Our by-laws require our participants to vote on our board yearly.
5. Review the Student Handbook​. ​
– You are responsible to know and follow all of the guidelines in the handbook.
– You can find important dates and concert attire information here.

Pay - Tuition, Fees, and Merch

Volunteer Opportunities

Demographics Survey

Request for Tuition Assistance

Student Handbook

Board Member Approval

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