More Than Just Another Fundraiser

On Saturday evening, March 7, at the W.O. Smith Music School, TYS will host a very special event. Spotlight on the Stage will include a performance by our Jazz/Rock Ensemble, as well as performances by a variety of other TYS groups and individuals who embraced our call for “open mic night” performers. Spotlight on the Stage is being held for two reasons: one, as a fundraiser for TYS, and, two (more importantly), because there is tremendous value in creating time and space for our students to share their own creations, and experience the excitement of interacting with a live audience.

As a musician, music teacher and TYS conductor, I feel strongly that students benefit from a well-rounded musical experience – one that includes the study and understanding of a broad base of genres, including jazz and classic rock, both of which are important parts of our American culture. When our Jazz/Rock Ensemble meets to rehearse, our students really enjoy expanding on their classical training and performing these genres. They appreciate the opportunity to create with vocals, non-traditional instrumentation and amplification – all things that will be on display at Spotlight on the Stage.

It’s going to be an amazing evening. I hope you’ll join us – and experience the joy of being with our students as they showcase and embrace all that live music is and can be.

Gary Miller

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