Invite your friends to our rehearsals – Bring A Friend

Bring-a-Friend Night is a great way to share the experience of a TYS rehearsal with other young musicians and private instructors. They might have heard you gush about TYS before, but SEEING IS BELIEVING!!

TYS students can invite friends or their private instructor to any of the rehearsals attended by the TYS student–Jazz/Rock, Prelude Strings, or Youth Symphony–to size, shape, and feel of our program.

After checking in, Friends (and families) will get to ask questions of TYS Board Members, observe rehearsals in action, and–for young musicians only–sit with the ensembles and follow along. (No instrument needed.) Full COVID protocol compliance is required.

Start the process by completing the Bring-a-Friend Invitation Form.

Once this Invitation Form is submitted, your friend will be invited to the upcoming Bring-A-Friend Night.

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